Upcoming Products

Integrating tech with play

We’ve got plenty of things coming up including more energy generating products and an integrated tracker that records and uploads play time.

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  • Energy Generating Products

    Generating Power From Play

    After the success of the SOCCKET, we’ve decided to develop more energy generating products¬†so that even more people can create electricity as they play. We’ve successfully prototyped American footballs, jump ropes, and skateboards among other things. Stay tuned as we’ll unveil them here.

    We Want to Hear from You

    We’ve got our own ideas on what to incorporate our energy-generating technology into, but we’d like to hear what our fans think. What other energy-generating play products would you like to see?


    Let us know here.

  • The Ludo

    Play with Your Ludo

    Coming in 2014, the Ludo is a smart ball that tracks the time it is being played with using an internal motion sensor.

    Log on to the Play Fund

    Your play time is then uploaded using the ball’s built-in wireless technology to your account on Uncharted Play’s social project funding platform, The Play Fund.

    Help Real Projects Come to Life

    That time is then converted to Play Points, which, thanks to sponsorships,  you can use to donate real-world items to social development projects around the world.